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bf baker

songwriter, recording artist, publisher, experimental music hack, data juggler, slice of life videographer & wacky inventor from salt lake city, utah

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Preserving Disorder (bf baker, 2010) • You Are My Pride and Joy (music and lyric by bf baker, 2006) • Dear Charlie (music and lyric by bf baker, 2011) •

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Preserving Disorder by bf baker (2010) • You Are My Pride and Joy by bf baker (2006) • Dear, Charlie by bf baker (2011) •


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bfbaker.com updates
2013-08-19 07:12:50 CST

bfbaker.com updates

I've been updating the database and website last weekend, adding a search function which allows you to search songs. I've also written a blog interface which should make it better to add more posts like this one. So stay tuned for more blogging.

2013-08-19 06:51:09 CST

Working a new track with old material and recent tapegerms from David Fuglewicz. Old material includes a resurfaced jam I did with Allye one Saturday afternoon at the house on Stetson Circle. She played guitar. Ive also added some manipulated guitar from a source Brian Staker sent me which Ive uploaded as a project to Tapegerm.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 CST

Joe, Open Mic, etc.

Joe Maki was in town for his son's high school graduation and we spent Saturday night mostly hanging out, but we did manage to begin work on a new track. We started with something Joe has been playing with and we put down a few tracks (me on electric piano, Joe on a keyboard cello and guitar), with chords based on that.

Yesterday Joe uploaded a demo of what he had been working on and they could really be two different songs, so we'll see what happens. 

Don Campau and I are finishing up an album and I uploaded a basic acoustic guitar track. We're also discussing the album for GAJOOB.net on its Facebook page.

There's a fairly new Open Mic taking place Friday nights in Orem. I saw a notice on ksl.com today and I posted a link on my resources page. There are videos of lots of the performances and the mic is resonating with lots of people playing from the heart. 20 songwriters with 2 songs each makes for a long night, but I might try to go.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 CST

Mother's Day

I made a song over the weekend for mom called "Mother's Day." I recorded a rough version of it and like how it turned out, but there's something about it I'm still not sure about. The chords are simple D-G-A in the verse and I think the thing I'm unsettled about is how strident my vocal is in the verses. Although it is written as a kind of classic Folk ballad type of song.

I think I'll let it stew a bit and then try something new. Maybe a completely new recording. I tried something different with the acoustic guitar and vocal this time out. I set up a Y stereo mic pattern. It had some strange results, particularly that if I turned my head (which since I've been videotaping performances I've noticed is something I tend to do) the vocal shifts in the stereo spread in the mix (naturally). 

I want to try an acoustic guitar solo, replacing the synth horn thing I've got in there now.