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bf baker

songwriter, recording artist, publisher, experimental music hack, data juggler, slice of life videographer & wacky inventor from salt lake city, utah

Dear, Charlie

bf baker



© Bryan Baker, all rights reserved

Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP


Dear, Charlie, I know you
Won't see things my way
But maybe with distance
You'll hold on to better days
I won't ask your forgiveness
I just want you know

Oh, Charlie
I love you
That's why I must go
'Cos there's a darkness inside me
That you should never know

Dear, Charlie, I can't be
The man you need me to be
I will only destroy you
Trying to find a release
I won't ask for forgiveness
I just want you to know


Dear, Charlie, please know that
I want with all my heart
To see you grow older
And always take your part
I won't ask your forgiveness
I just want you to know



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original recording - 2011

by bf baker

© Bryan Baker

Bryan Baker: guitar, source recording, synthesizer, eBow, vocal

The original recording began with the police scanner source and also provided me the song title. I had been playing around wiht the simple chord progression and wanted this to have a loose, open feel in the phrasing. I played it straight through, added the vocal which is processed through software called The Mouth, which I was using prominently while recording the Elementary Penguins album as an exercise attempt to create an album of songs during the month of February 2011. The solo is done with an eBow on my Burns Steer electric guitar.

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