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songwriter, recording artist, publisher, experimental music hack, data juggler, slice of life videographer & wacky inventor from salt lake city, utah

Mother's Day

bf baker



© Bryan Baker, all rights reserved

Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP



We spend so much time avoiding a fall
But what really matters in the great after all
Is none of the matter and all of the heart
All you have given, and all that you are

I can't help but laugh now at much of the pain
All of the foolish and stubborn refrains
Make so lilttle difference now that I see
The difference was already there within me

I love you, mother
I really do
On this happy Mother's Day

I probably didn't really achieve
Everything you ever thought I could be
But I know you love me for none of these things
And how could I tell you what this really means?

I love you, mother
I really do
On this happy Mother's Day

I love you, mother
I really do
On this happy Mother's Day

About Mother's Day

I wrote this for my mother on Mother's Day weekend 2012 and recorded the first version that Sunday morning.


I encourage artists to cover my songs, obviously. Please let me know if you do. I'd like to add your recording to this list and provide a link where fans can add it to their collection. Thank you!


original home recording - 2012 | permalink

by bf baker

© Bryan Baker

Bryan Baker: acoustic guitar, bass, synth strings, synth horns, toy xylophone, vocal

This is the original recording. The guitar and vocal were recorded together as a live track and the other instruments added afterwards.

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